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It’s modular! Two kindergartens in 100 days.

The opening of two new kindergartens in Warsaw Targówek was caught by TVN cameras and written about by media such as Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza and Dziennik. What had drawn public attention? Local authorities decided to “go modular” and work with Modul System to quickly adress the problem.

Targówek district for years suffered from a shortage of local kindergartens. Using modular construction turned out to be perfect solution for this problem.
Construction of two kindergartens (500m ² each) took, rather than 12, only 3 months. The youngest residents of Targówek gained spacious, well-designed places to study in only 100 days. District Targówek solved the problem of places in kindergartens, while reserving the possibility of further expansion of facilities. This execution is a good example for other municipalities across the country. The problem with places in kindergartens, nurseries and schools can be solved within a few months – not years.