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Modul System was established in 1993, when its founders decided to improve Poland’s urban space by launching a production of functional and well-designed kiosks. Those first products gained wide recognition and were adopted as go-to solution for Poland’s most prestigious office buildings – government, the President, embassies and headquarters of country’s biggest companies. The success of Modul System’s kiosks led to development of new. innovative technologies and products. The outcome was the start of production of specialized technical containers mTechnic.  

Today, Modul Sytem is the leading producer of specialized containers for telecommunication, radiocommunication and navigation industries.  The company has delivered over 3,500 such containers for the Polish market, designed for, among others, teletechnical or broadcasting installations for GSM mobile phone networks.

Since 2000 we are providers of containers for American companies – producers of advanced air navigation equipment. We also execute complex projects using modular technology with Polish and foreign partners. Our technology is a perfect fit for construction of kindergartens, hospitals, infrastructure.  Modular houses are an attractive solution for accommodation, hospitality sector, gastronomy and retail.

Using our in-house design studio we can offer the ability to quickly organize project teams made out of professionals from different fields. For the last decade we have been collaborating with Warsaw Institute of Technology. 
As pioneers of modular construction in Poland we promote this method among investors and architects as more efficient than the traditional method. Innovation in the construction industry is our passion.