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Modular construction

What is modular construction? 

Using modular construction methods means that buildings are assembled from the ready-made modules manufactured entirely in the factory. The modules are equipped with all the necessary fixtures, walls, doors, fully finished bathrooms and toilets, as well as kitchen areas.
On the construction site the individual modules are jointed, connected to 
electricity mains, water and sewerage system, HVAC main installation, data network, finished and arranged according to the requirements of the project. The most time-consuming and bothersome processes construction processes are transferred to the construction plant. The construction is carried out, then, efficiently and quickly, regardless of the weather, and under constant supervision and quality control.

The advantages of modular construction

The main advantage of modular technology is the speed of the process:

  • significant shortening of the construction process of up to 80% by moving most of the work to the factory

  • the possibility of modules being produced at the same time as some on-site works

  • ability to start the work at the factory prior to receiving a building permit

  • delivery to the construction site ready modules equipped with all the facilities ready

  • efficient assembly on site


Other advantages of modular construction:

  • elimination of problems associated with coordinating subcontractors; investor does not have to supervise all the work “on site”

  • significant simplification of processes; independence from weather conditions

  • high standard of quality and workmanship

  • elimination of the problem of construction waste; elimination of the dirty and noisy work on the construction site

Versatility of prefabrication:

  • possibility of expanding structure with extra modules

  • ease of transfer of the building to another location

  • possibility of reduction of the building size according to current needs