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Technical shelters

We have delivered more than 3,500 containers to the Polish market, mainly for teletechnical installations and broadcasting for GSM mobile phone networks, as well as for railway traffic control, equipment in wastewater treatment plants and telecommunication systems along highways. We also provide containers and supporting structures for antennas for manufacturers of advanced aircraft navigation equipment. Depending on the type and destination of the containers, they are manufactured in one of the technologies: reinforced concrete, laminate and steel. For the production of laminated and steel containers we use sandwich panels of our own production and with a wide variety of properties and composition of layers depending on the needs and technical requirements and performance.

Containers are equipped with:
– professional electrical wiring,
– air conditioning and ventilation system,
– ups,
– security and fire alarm systems,

We offer among others:
– concrete containers,
– laminate containers,
– steel containers,
– camouflage covers for telecommunication antennas,