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She wished to feel physically sexual which have your if you find yourself enabling your then their relationship with Rias

She wished to feel physically sexual which have your if you find yourself enabling your then their relationship with Rias

Following game against Class Trump Cards from Paradise, Issei recommended in order to the woman, saying that the guy planned to invest their lives along with her far in order to their tearful contentment, so it made her their fifth fiance.


On account of this lady earlier suffering because of becoming labeled a good disgrace of your own Himejima Clan for being created an one half-Fallen Angel, in addition to death of the girl mom Shuri Himejima, Akeno is rolling out a great hatred for males and you can Dropped Angels, distress internal worry about-hating and you will refusing to use the lady Holy Super feature.

Once Issei inquired about the woman beginning she revealed the woman Dropped Angel society, to get concerned that Issei manage dislike this lady as a result of the suffering the guy went through because of Fell Angels, however, fell deeply in love with your after the guy stated that he enjoyed the lady notwithstanding it.

Because of the woman prior, Akeno was detailed so you can depend on the people inside her life (Issei along with her father, Baraqiel), as unstable when something bad goes wrong with her or him.

Akeno is considered the most sexy woman about harem, while the she considers by herself Issei’s domme; commonly creeping into Issei’s bed , creeping to seduce Issei and you can is slutty when Issei serves macho in front of their. . She will provides intimate dreams intensely about your. Akeno possess an affection from cosplay, have a tendency to dressing up to seduce Issei and S&Meters, while usually an enthusiastic S, she becomes Meters for Issei alone.

Akeno was demonstrated to desire to remain at Issei’s front forever, guaranteeing to be his Fell Angel and work out your delighted, rather than Raynare, new Fell Angel who slain your and you can scarred his heart.

Akeno was listed as among calmest women inside the harem, rarely are jealous of your own ORC women, whether or not she do score envious whenever women who are not next to Issei flirt which have him. Akeno can fall under a depression whenever she thinks you to definitely Issei is truly taken away out of the girl and she you should never get him back.

Issei suggested to help you this lady for the Get Games against the lady dad, guaranteeing to control the lady, and make their their second bride-to-be.


While they 1st began hostile together, Xenovia and you will Issei did along with her so you can recover brand new forgotten Excalibur bits. Due to the lady relationship having Issei and you will Rias Gremory, Xenovia inserted Rias’ peerage immediately after she try exiled by Church.

Shortly after becoming a devil, she attempted to render beginning in order to children making up having the full time she missing offering the new Church because the a female, going for Issei as their mate due to your being the Purple Dragon Emperor. But not, immediately after Issei expected Archangel Michael to let Xenovia in order to pray rather than aches, she accepted your just like the a person in the opposite intercourse and you may fell so in love with your.

Xenovia is one of the boldest girls on harem, because she always attempts to lover with Issei so you’re able to sire pupils, even bringing condoms towards the class room so they can „practice”.

Xenovia is among the girls who’s concerned about shedding about with regards to the girl relationship with Issei, as she concerns becoming overtaken from the most other females.

Xenovia is shown to admire Issei’s hardworking character, viewing him since the a good example to adhere to. This woman is also interested in his stamina-kind of assaulting build, trying to replicate they for her very own use.

Xenovia plus expressed need for signing up for Issei’s peerage immediately after he becomes a high-class Demon. Immediately following Issei are promoted to a leading-class Demon, Xenovia is actually replaced so you’re able to him, most popular hookup apps Atlanta is his Knight, much so you’re able to the woman pleasure. Xenovia keeps announced by herself since „Issei’s Blade”.